"amy pond is the great love for him, for my doctor."

lizzie; (+more) canada. twenty. ISFJ. going through an anime crisis. likes art history, bastille, and fanart. on a semi hiatus for the summer.

[shrugs] idk just watch fma:b tbh

>> cabin 7. amy pond. clone club. survey corps. superheroes. slytherin. state alchemists. sold my soul to rick riordan and the elric brothers . most likely crying over matt smith, percy jackon and fictional blonde characters. [ ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! I hope you’re having a wonderful day - well, while waiting for moa, I know thats rough buddy. I feel you, I really do. On the bright side, you have cake to cheer you up, amiright? You’re such a¬†wonderful¬†person that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past two weeks or so. We can give that credit to dear ol’ percy here. Thanks for being there for me to cry to, and no, I have no regrets getting you into pjo. None. You deserve the best this birthday, and may your birthday wishes come true (hey, you might just get the ouat cast to shop up at your door - it could happen)! happy birthday lovely! <3

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