"hi my name is will herondale and aside from my descendants and myself ruining your life, I have come to wish you a very happy birthday, and to smoulder you with my eyes - you’re welcome, ashley." 

happy birthday to youuu, happy birthday dear ashley, happy birthday to youuuu <3 here you go, enjoy will herondale - he’s time travelled all the way from the 19th century to wish you a happy birthday.

shhh, I’m just squeezing this in. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, laughed lots and were able to eat an immense amount of cake. And I’m really jealous tbh. You’re such an amazing person and blogger, and are the second person in my following list (which im always amused because you both have the name nicole): 

LOOK AT THAT, ~~~AT THE BEGINNING WITH YOU~~~ (dude thats 2009 ok) let me be all sentimental here okay because I’ve always looked up to you as a person and blogger (I remember the day you followed me back and I had a heart attack, I still remember ok - you were that ~~big blog~~ for me ). you’re so hilarious and I love talking with you. you also have magic fancast skills - I don’t know how you do it. sorcery. also crying over tid bonds you with a person. 

anyways before I ramble on too much, thanks for making my tumblr experience so fantastic, and being a wonderful person. you deserve the best this birthday and the many more years to come. happy birthday, hun <3

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