title: anything could happen

update: chapter 3 is up! 

fandom: rise of the guardians 

summary: Modern AU: “You wanted to see me again? Why?” At that he gave a lopsided smile. “You made an impression.” Jack is part of the new band ‘The Guardians’, along with three other familiar members. During one gig, Tooth, a studying dentist, ends up meeting Jack by accident. Things won’t ever be the same. Jack/Tooth, Boy Band AU

found:  fanfiction 

additional: watch this video here (includes personal fancast)! 

notes: decided I should update before I’m crying over exams. if you haven’t heard of this before, this boy band AU is born from late nights of fancasting and crying (which equalizes crack). enjoy! also au’s are my weakness nicole told me about an Anastasia AU and I sort of cried   

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