As you all know, the ONCE writers love feedback on their characters, and social media tends to influence them a lot. So we thought we’d have a day where we send lots of twitter ove for Victor Frankenstein/Dr Whale so that the boys upstairs know how happy we are to have him on the show. 

DATE: Saturday, Feb 9th

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Characters like Hook and Belle benefited astronomically from positive feedback and tons of fan love. Though Victor is a much less beloved character, we hope that maybe there are a few people out there who would show their support <3

Reasons why you should want more of Victor Frankenstein:

- He’s a complete cutie who makes stupid faces.

- His character has one of the most straight forward and interesting redemption arcs in the series, and has a great capacity to grow and change.

- He provides the perfect friendship/romantic support for Ruby/Red, as he’s the only person who really knows what she’s going through (and he could open her story up to be less self contained)

- He’s got a Graham 2.0 situation going on (IE his Storybrooke personality is the POLAR OPPOSITE of who he really is, and watching those personalities merge will be a really cool and unique experience that we were previously robbed of.)

- "I wanted my name to stand for life - now everyone just thinks its the name of a monster" 


- David Anders; he loves interacting with fans on his twitter and rather hilarious (even Lana agrees!). He’s already has a great relationship with the cast (who wouldn’t want to see some more bloopers/bts with this lug?)!


Acceptable Tweets:

- How much we appreciate Victor/Whale’s character getting featured on ONCE.

- How we appreciate David Anders as an actor.

- TONS of love for Frankenwolf or any other pairing you love for him (The writers DO LIKE to know this stuff, and i’m sure David would be thrilled to know that he’s not alone in shipping it, haha - he even started calling it “whalewolfing” thats adorable, man)

- A general interest in seeing Victor/Whale as a regular/semi regular. 

- Some of your favourite moments of Victor/Whale, why you find his character interesting, or anything positive you can say about his portrayal or creativity behind the character!

Unacceptable Tweets

- General harassment, demands, or entitled fan bullshit.

We’re taking the opportunity to communicate with the writers to give some positive attention to the character, so let’s to keep it up beat! Remember: you don’t have to be a complete stan for him, don’t have to ship Frankenwolf/whatever ship to join in on this! This is just a fun little excursion for us fans to relate the support going on tumblr to the actual writers of the show.

Reminder: just because you support this doesn’t detract from wanting other characters to be regulars either - like Eion, Sebastian, Anastasia Griffith, etc. …

Questions? Concerns? Want to cry about Victor/Whale? Nana or myself are here at your service !  


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