Anonymous: Can you give me some reasons to watch ROTG?

okay take 2 (given the last time I did this, it deleted on me)! but of course! 

1. The Animation. Alright, you probably know this already, but the animation in ROTG is absolutely stunning. Even in the camrip version, you can tell that sandman’s dream sand (watch in 720p!) is freaking gorgeous, and when you see it in theatres, you’re blown away. It’s just so beautifully designed with so much detail and colour, it’s basically animation!porn. Actually. 

3D movies are usually “groaned” upon (like haven’t we seen enough man??), but this movie makes you appreciate the 3D craze. Not to mention, most critics are saying that even if you didn’t like the plot, you’ll most likely to be buying the blu ray because of how stunning it is. The amount of detail is gorgeous. Here is some concept art if you’re interested!

2. The Cast of Characters. First off, they’re voiced by an amazing cast; Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isa Fisher, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine… ugh, you just know you’re going to fall in love with them. And before you think: “ugh but they’re their laME CHILDREN CHARACTERS LIKE SANTA CLAUSE AND THE EASTER BUNNY? PFFFT WHATEVER”  They are not you’re typical ‘mythical child guardians’, so back it up yo. 

So let’s start with Santa or in this franchise, North. He’s fucking Russian with tattoos, wields swords (which he uses when he talks tbh) and is absolutely hilarious. He has Yetis (goddammit Phil) and Elves working with him at the the Pole, who are so great to watch in the background and will most likely make you laugh. :’) 

// Tooth: She’s the Toothfairy. I know, you may have seen the trailer and gone “wtf she looks like a hummingbird??!” well thats because she’s supposed to! She’s actually from Southern Asia (another thing I love about this movie, it’s not specific to North America s;dkaj) and has a pretty tragic backstory (sadly not explored in the movies) and the amount of detail on her is beautiful. She has basically an army of little fairies that are just adorable along with the sassiest - baby tooth (she and jack get pretty close). Ah, even Tooth herself is adorable. Isa brings so much to the character!

// Bunnymund or aka, the Easter Bunny, “Bunny” or the “Easter Kangaroo” is AUSTRALIAN, a pooka and his Warren and tunnels are colour!porn tbh. He’s Jack’s archetype basically and you’ll get a lot of banter between the two.

// Pitch Black, the bogeyman and our beloved villan (I KNOW RIGHT, PITCH BLACK MWAHA). Basically he’s the sassiest of them all and has quite a motivating backstory that’ll gain a sympathetic ear.  He even has some ‘punny’ Night Mares, which basically makes you smile because who HASNT thought of nightmares as ‘mares’ or horses, really? We thought we were so clever when we were kids making this connection, come on. And his relationship with Sandy, is absolutely fantastic. Later on in fics, you’ll want to punch him tho  Great villan.

// Sandman: for a guy who doesn’t speak, he sure makes an impression! Not only does his dream sand astound, but he’s so badass holy crap 4 for you sandy u go. His relationship with both Jack and Pitch make me smile and honestly, he’s a fan favourite. If you watch him, his expressions are the best.

3. Jack Frost needs his own point, ahem. If you haven’t (or even if you have) here watch this, he says hello! Now I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of him on tumblr, mm? Aside from being one of the sexiest animated characters there has been (I know thats a big title, but I feel he earns it - dont worry he’s meant to look 18), his character is so richly complex for a kid’s movie I want to cry. In fact I have. Multiple times. 

Jack is mischievous and all together just wants to have fun (mostly creating fun for children! “ever heard of a snowday?”), controls winter elements and can use the wind to fly (north wind and him are bffs tbh) - however, he’s 318 years old and has never been seen by mankind. He has no idea why this is the case and nothing he does works (and he tries very hard); he’s walked through, he’s written off by other mythical creatures and generally, just has spent most of his life alone. Which really gets you as he acts like such a child at times (“is that a challenge, cotton tail?”), yet with this snide/cocky exterior. His story and overall character development really gets at you and can be very relatable. 

In fact, Jack was never friends with the Guardians before the movie, unlike what the trailer leads you to believe. In fact, he wants nothing to do with them at first. Which makes you sort of love the relationship between the guardians and jack, and well everyone, so much more. His character arc is central to the story, and no doubt if you’ve heard of people crying over this movie, he’s to blame. I honestly could keep going on about him, but I’ll stop. Favourite character alert, tbh (and not entirely for looks-related reasons either, although his face does get an ‘your face if offensive’ tag from me almost always). 

6. THE RELATIONSHIPS! As mentioned before, the relationships between everyone is so well done! Nothing is forced romantically - a bit of a breath of fresh air for some - and character growth and relationships are critical to the overall theme and plot.

7. This movie will leave you wanting to believe, no matter how old you are. You know kids movies that make you miss being a kid? Yeah, well this is one. As cheesy as you may think this peter-pan message is - belief - you’ll develop a soft spot for it.The kids (which I didn’t go into) really make you wish you were alongside with them, tbh. 


9. The fandom - honestly this fandom is so huge given the amount of time the movie has been out (a testament to the actual film) and although sometimes you look at it and go ‘u ok rotg fandom?' (and I mean this by the cough, um the fangirl's dream of making jack their's if you catch my drift THERE IS YOU/JACK FANFIC I CRY OMFG), I love this fandom. The amount of fanart, vids and fic coming out is fantastic, and really makes you fall in love with the movie even more. You'll notice a lot of things you missed! 

10. It’s been called Avengers for kids, and I swear to god Loki and Pitch are related tbh The action is amazing and watch this vid (in 720p!) to get a glimpse! 

ALL IN ALL I HOPE I HELPED GIVE YOU SOME REASON TO WATCH IT! You can always watch it online, but please please think about watching it in theatres. Not only is it gorgeous (and you miss a lot in terms of background/colour!porn in cam versions), but this movie could really use the revenue! It’s well worth it, I swear! 


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