Haaaappppyyyy birthdaaaay deeeearrr niccccooooleeeee happy birthday to youu! Happy birthday hun! Embracing the birthday spirit, yet? OFFICIALLY NINETEEN! One more year of the teeny bopper stage, eh? I FEEL YA. I remember last year when you turned 18! Man, makes me feel old when I remember our conversations about uni and being in class and texting each other in high school, trololo. GOOD STUDENTS

ANYWAYS! I hope today is amazing, aside from school (if you have class?). You’re so hilarious and sweet, I’m so honoured to have known you for so long here. And thats a long time. From the sacred chat (BLESS U OMEGLE) to sobbing about the Ponds together, you were my first tumblr friend and thus hold a special place in my heart. Continue to be awesome, don’t cry too hard about dw and enjoy your birthday! ITS YOUR EXCUSE TO EAT LOTS OF CAKE, SO GO FOR IT. ahah, happy birthday hun! <3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKOO! I hope you’re having a wonderful day and that it continues to be so! I admire you greatly (from afar) and you’re such a caring and talented individual! I hope your birthday wishes come true this birthday and hopefully Matt Smith will fancy a trip to your house (it could happen? you’ve just got to wish hard enough! I BELIEVE IN YOU). You’re so kind and lovely and you deserve the best. Eat lots of cake! Happy birthday Nikoo! :)

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