"amy pond is the great love for him, for my doctor."

lizzie; (+more) canada. twenty. ISFJ. going through an anime crisis. likes art history, bastille, and fanart. on a semi hiatus for the summer.

[shrugs] idk just watch fma:b tbh

>> cabin 7. amy pond. clone club. survey corps. superheroes. slytherin. state alchemists. sold my soul to rick riordan and the elric brothers . most likely crying over matt smith, percy jackon and fictional blonde characters. [ ]

poll[.]pollcode[]com/ug5b hai gurrrl. so i got randomly entered in this contest thing o___o not really sure how, but anyways, wanna vote for me? (just for lawls ahah <3.)

of course! c: anyone want to help my friend jenna out? I’ll make it real easy for you, simply go here and click for willyumherondale! 

  1. stephendonnellghue said: aslkdjf;alskdfj YOU GUYS <3.
  2. georgeofoldvalyria said: I just voted, and your friend is winning!
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