"amy pond is the great love for him, for my doctor."

lizzie; (+more) canada. twenty. ISFJ. going through an anime crisis. likes art history, bastille, and fanart. on a semi hiatus for the summer.

[shrugs] idk just watch fma:b tbh

>> cabin 7. amy pond. clone club. survey corps. superheroes. slytherin. state alchemists. sold my soul to rick riordan and the elric brothers . most likely crying over matt smith, percy jackon and fictional blonde characters. [ ]

happy birthday cathyyy! I hope your birthday has been wonderful and that you enjoyed your special day¬†immensely! You’re such a lovely person and run a beautiful blog that I admit I’ve always admired from afar. You deserve a wonderful birthday and I hope all the wishes you made upon your birthday cake (or ice cream.. or cup cake… or cookie idk whatever you ate!) come true (no matter how cheesy that sounds ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY, ITS ALLOWED TO BE REALLY CHEESY)! Happy birthday hun, I hope its brilliant <3

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